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Senior industry expert

BENJAMIN ROY became a part of the Plantation team in 2013. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University. Prior to joining Hydrospec Exploration, He has also served on the Republic Petroleum Company.


BENJAMIN ROY, Is the Senior Industry Expert and Mapper with 22 years of experience, 5yrs of which have been at Hydrospec Exploration Company when he joined in 20013 . He graduated from Novosibirsk Institute of Engineers of Geodesy of Russia in 1980, While living in Florida, Benjamin worked full time as a highway construction surveyor during the day while he was attending the university. In 1990, he moved to Texas where he decided to venture into a different aspect of survey – the private sector. He started as a crew chief performing a wide variety of surveys from boundary, ALTA/ACSM (now ALTA/ NSPS), Topographic, Mean High Water and many others, and for the first time was exposed to TxDOT design and R/W surveying projects.

In 1984 Benjamin moved to West Lafayette, Indiana to pursue advanced studies in Geomatics (Surveying). Here he had the opportunity to work with one of the oldest local surveying companies, where he learned the Public Lands Surveying System.

Benjamin specializes in transportation surveying and mapping and also has vast experience managing large volume of projects from municipalities and state government agencies. His vast experience also includes hydrographic surveying and subsurface utility engineering projects.

He received his professional registration from Puerto Rico’s Department of State in 1986 and his registration as Professional Surveyor and Mapper (PSM) from the State of Texas Department of Business and Professional Regulation Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers in 2001.

His extensive work includes many FDOT, District 4 assignments, including Right-of-Way determination of a 7-mile segment of Palmetto Park Road (CR 798) from State Road (SR) 7 to Boca Raton Boulevard and several control, design and Right-of-Way surveys along SR 9 (Interstate 95), SR 5, SR 820, SR 824, SR 858, SR A1A, and many others. Benjamin has also collaborated in large sectional surveys and hydrographic surveys for South Texas Water Management District (STWMD) and has vast knowledge of static High Definition Laser Scanning and LiDAR technologies and how to use these tools in conjunction with Mobile and Aerial platforms to serve our clients.

Benjamin is a member of Texas Society of professional surveyors (TSPS), Dallas Chapter No 5 and also member of the Board of Directors of the College of Engineers and Surveyors of Puerto Rico (CIAPR), Exterior Chapter, headquartered here in Texas.