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Vice President, Operations

ETHAN CLIFTON joined Hydrospec as operations manager in 2009. His long career in the oil and gas industry began with Halliburton Services, Ethan has worked for over 15 years in conventional and unconventional oil and gas development.


ETHAN CLIFTON – Vice President Operations, received his B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1973 from University of Miami and M.B.A. Coursework from Florida International University.
Ethan is originally from Norway and a registered engineer since 1981, he has been with Hydrospec Services since 2009 as the operation mananger. He has headed many significant projects for the firm. ETHAN CLIFTON is a member of the Florida Engineering Society and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

ETHAN CLIFTON important projects include:

Ocean Drive Reconstruction
Ocean Drive Reconstruction, Miami Beach, FL – Project Manager and Engineer-of-Record for the reconstruction of Ocean Drive, between 5th and 15th Avenue on Miami Beach which served as the incentive for rejuvenation of the now world-famous tourist destination.

Concourse D-extension
Concourse D-extension, Miami, FL – Project Manager for the $19 million Civil portion of this project which extended Concourse D at Miami International Airport.

New Law School, Florida International University
New Law School, Florida International University, Miami, FL – Civil Engineer-of-Record for this $24 million, 150,000 SF building with classrooms, faculty, library and mach rooms.

Student Housing II, Barry University
Student Housing II, Barry University, Miami, FL – Civil Engineer-of-Record for the 47,000 SF dormitory constructed under the Design/Build process.

Coral Gables Concurrency Management System
Coral Gables Concurrency Management System, Coral Gables, FL – Project Manager for the development of the adopted Concurrency Management System and the first computer automated concurrency review system, including consultant for system updates.